• Open Estonia Foundation has
    stood up for open society for
    already a quarter of a century.

    In the frontline of frontiers since 1990.

  • Happy 25th anniversary, Open Estonia Foundation!

    Personal video greetings from our founder, philanthropist GEORGE SOROS.

    You will find photos of OEF 25 birthday celebrations HERE. 

  • Towards a new pact for Europe

    The New Pact for Europe aims to promote a European-wide debate on reform proposals addressing three fundamental questions which need to be answered to develop an effective response to the multi-dimensional crisis Europeans are facing.

    Public stakeholders event in Tallinn took place on May 20, 2015.

  • XIX Open Society Forum

    Soft Power. Small countries vs Big Players

    18.09.2014, Tallinn

  • On March 16, a support concert entitled “For Ukraine” was be held at Tallinn Freedom Square. With this event, Estonian and Ukrainian musicians, students, and non-governmental organisations expressed their support to a free and dignified Ukrainian nation. The whole concert can be watched HERE.

Greetings to Opinion Festival by George Soros


I wish you every success in the strenuous path to strengthen the voice of your diverse civil society through debates at the Opinion Culture Festival, said the philantropist Georg Soros in his greeting...

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