Quentin Peel

is Mercator senior fellow on the European programme at Chatham House in London.

He joined the Financial Times in 1975, and was variously correspondent in Johannesburg, Africa editor, bureau chief in Brussels, Moscow and Bonn. He was foreign editor and international affairs editor from 1994-2010, and finally chief correspondent in Berlin until 2013. He writes about Europe and international relations, security and geopolitics, trying to disentangle fact from fantasy, and read between the lines of propaganda and prejudice.

He's an expert on issues related to the EU's evolution and has been very well received as an analyst of the economic crisis. He also has focused on failed and failing states and countries in transition (from dictatorship to democracy, from poverty to prosperity).

Having covered major world-changing events over the past 30 years as an eye-witness reporter, he sees the social, political and economic forces shaping world affairs with historical perspective, personal knowledge and deep insight.

Quentin’s writing has appeared regularly in The New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, Pravda (Russia), Der Standard (Austria), The Daily Times (Nigeria), and The Irish Times. He appears regularly in broadcast media around the world.

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