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XIX Open Society Forum: Soft Power. Small countries vs Big Players

Small countries have the potential to enjoy great success when systematically and creatively employing the tools of soft power; whether it is in culture, diplomacy, or shaping foreign policy. Estonia’s reputation in the world is high regarding various accessible e-governance solutions and well-developed cyber- defence mechanisms. We have claimed our place next to world leaders in Internet freedom. Estonia has chosen Europe - along with its values - and charted a course toward the West a long time ago. It has been exactly a decade since this decision was sealed by Estonia entering the European Union.

However, witnessing the recent events between Ukraine and Russia, times have become turbulent and the past year has left the democratic world without illusions. For more than 20 years, the Open Estonia Foundation has stood for the development of an open society here in Estonia.

This year we simply have to ask: how should Estonia maximize its efforts in employing soft power, when the only thing we cannot choose is our geographical position next to our unpredictable and enormous neighbour?

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