Additional support for bilateral relations

One of the goals of EEA Grants in current programming period is to strengthen bilateral relations between beneficiary countries and donor states (i.e. Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein).

Therefore we offer our recipients of large-scale and network project grants an opportunity to engage new partners from donor states to ongoing projects and provide an additional support for that purpose. We expects that as a result of cooperation and exchange of experiences new networks will be born that continue to operate after the end of ongoing projects and will lead to innovative cross-border civic actions and initiatives.

Additional support can be used to organise meetings, seminars, workshops and other joint activities taking place in Estonia or in donor countries. The aim of these activities may, for instance, be:

  • Introducing the project and sharing Estonian experience, piloting similar activities in a partner country
  • Gathering project-related knowledge, practices and experiences from a partner country
  • Joint discussions to share experiences and develop best practices, engaging in international advocacy
  • Strengthening and expanding cooperation networks, developing agreements for future joint projects, etc

Criteria for applying for additional support:

  1.  Partner organisations are not previously engaged in the project
  2. Partners have a substantive role in reaching the goals of the project by contributing new knowledge and experience
  3. Expenses are appropriate and justified to reach the goals of the project

Additional support may be used to cover the costs of travel expenses, per diems, accommodation and other reasonable expenses needed to organise joint activities with partner organisations. 

The maximum amount of additional support per project is EUR 2,500.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, decisions regarding additional support are made within two weeks.

Application form for applying is available in Estonian. 

For additional information:

Katrin Enno   +372 615 5700  katrin@oef.org.ee

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