Partnership between Estonia and Donor States

Partners in projects can apply for seed-money

Seed-money is available for planned projects under NGO Fund of the EEA Grants which are initiated in cooperation with partners from donor states – Norway, Island and Liechtenstein. Seed-money is a dedicated support for fostering bilateral cooperation and for preparing well-planned cooperation projects. Seed-money could be applied for organising meetings and seminars with partners or participating in meetings, workshops or network activities organised by partners.

Criteria for granting seed-money:

  • applicant and partner(s) from donor states have agreed on cooperation for project development;
  • applicant and its partner(a) are eligible for support from the NGO Fund;
  • the planned project contributes to the programme’s objective and expected outcomes;
  • partner(s) is/are carefully selected and their participation in the project is justified;
  • all partners have an active role in planning and implementing the project;
  • activities to be covered for preparing the project are justified;
  • expenses for which the seed-money is applied for are reasonable and justified.

Seed money is granted for:

  • organising meetings, seminars and workshops with partners for project development;
  • participating in meetings, seminars, workshops or conferences oganised by partners and justified for project development.

Eligible applicants are non-governmental public benefit organisations established as a legal entity in Estonia, independent of local, regional and central government, political parties and commercial organisations.

Expenses to be covered could include: travel expenses, subsistence allowances, accommodation, seminar facilities.

The maximum amount of support is 1000 EUR per project, which may cover the costs of planned activities up to 100%.

Seed-money can be applied once for each project.

Application forms and conditions for applying are available at the http://oef.org.ee/teoksil/norra/partnerlus-norra-islandi-liechtensteiniga/starditoetus/ (Estonian)

The filled and digitally signed applications can be submitted electronically by email to katrin@oef.org.ee by 23th September 2013.

Search for partners?

OEF helps in facilitating contacts between Estonian NGOs and Donor States entities. If you are looking for cooperation with an Estonian NGO, please send a brief description of the profile of the organization you are looking for and your expectations to the cooperation by e-mail to Katrin Enno: katrin@oef.org.ee

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