December 2015


1.    Estonian Human Rights Centre „Enhancing cooperation to strategically fight racial discrimination and incitement“  2500 eur

Estonian Human Rights Centre and Organisasjonen mot offentlig diskriminering (OMOD, Norway) will continue cooperation and mutual learning regarding successful strategies in combating incitement to hatred and intolerance and racial discrimination. OMOD has been successful specifically in the prevention of ethnic and racial hatred, which is one of the areas in need of strengthening for PP and Estonian civil society as a whole. The project entails a visit to Oslo by PP to have a joint seminar with OMOD staff, visit the Norwegian ombudsman to enhance capacity for PP to strategically tackle incitement to hatred and intolerance,  to combat racial discrimination (such as ethnic profiling).

2.    NGO Mondo „Building resilience against racist attitudes and hate speech in schools” 2500 eur

NGO Mondo will launch cooperation with the European Wergeland Centre (EWC, Norway)  to exchange the best practices how to teach tolerance and approach racism and hate in learning environment and among the youth.  An international seminar will be organized in Tallinn and present the study material and methods that help to discuss and diminish racism and hatred speech in the class room. The objective of the seminar is to exchange knowledge and best practices as well as to shape the values and attitudes of the participants (teachers, students, youth workers etc). The discussions, presentations, and workshops promote open-mindedness and the worldview where the diversity in the society is seen as an enrichment.

3.    NGO Estonian People to People “Open doors“ 2295 eur

NGO Estonian People to People will start cooperation with Iceland organisation Viska, Fræðslu- og símenntunarmiðstöð Vestmannaeyja (Life Long Learning Center, Iceland) and to address the raise of phobia towards refugees and migrants.  PP will explore the current situation in Estonia and Iceland and develop training methods for training adult educators for newcomers. Cooperation with adult education organisations, media, local communities, are planned to improve conditions of new immigrants. PP will visit Iceland to learn experiences of Viska trainings for foreign workers.  Partners will also discuss strategy on future cooperation, as a follow-up they plan to apply with few other partners for Erasmus+ strategic partnership project.

4.    NGO Ethical Links „Combating segregation and xenophobia through cooperation and shared practices“, 2500 eur

NGO Ethical Links will cooperate with The Norwegian Centre against Racism (Norway) to learn how to create a sense of pluralistic national identity, instead of solely ethnic- or religious-based identity, how to effectively help the new immigrants to manage the challenges of the new culture, legislation and how to work with xenophobic attitudes and hate speech in third sector and schools. During 3 day study visit to Norway training session with partners will take place to observe and discuss the activities and methods implemented by the centre (campaigns, work at the multicultural youth and job center), and also learn about best practices and knowledge used in partner network.