Supported projects 2013 - 1st and 2nd calls

Projects for promoting democratic values, incl. human rights

Organization Project Title Grant
Estonian Union of Child Welfare Child's voice! 90,000
Estonian Special Youth Work Organisation Open minds - workshops in schools and kindergartens 30,137
Estonian National Youth Council Youth shadow elections 2013 40,000
St Michael's Society Establishing a Counseling Center for increasing schools' ability to include students with educational special needs into education 36,000
The Estonian Patient Advocacy Association Social Security is Human Right 40,000
Estonian Institute of Human Rights Human rights in the education system - networking, teachers training and empowering the youth 40,000
NGO Lahedad Naised Lahedalt School of democracy in Southern Estonia 30,521
e-Governance Academy A guide to becoming an e-citizen 29,965
NGO Mondo Grassroots campaigns for protecting basic rights 36,204

Projects for strengthening the advocacy and watchdog role of NGOs

Organization Project Title Grant
Human Rights Centre Network of advocacy on equal treatment issues 73,359
Estonian Refugee Council Enhancing advocacy work in the area of asylum and refugee policy 35,458
NGO Urban Lab Creating a future vision of neighborhood associations in Tallinn in the context of local elections 35,814
Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organizations Third Sector Foresight 39,930
Estonian Fund for Nature Increasing the role of Estonian Fund for Nature (ELF) and other environmental NGOs in Estonia in nationwide forest policy development processes 39,822
Estonian Social Enterprise Network Developmental leap in advocacy concerning social entrepreneurship 31,886
Estonian Agrenska Foundation Fight for ability! 77,393
Union of the Boards of Trustees of Kindergartens in Tallinn Union brings together boards of kindergarten trustees! 18,511

Capacity building projects

Organization Project Title Grant
Charity Fund DHARMA Notice and help! Creating a secure, supportive and developing environment for children through involving the society 7,430
NGO Ökokratt Community theatre with volunteers about the 1805 historical rebellion in Karinu manor 7,500
Weissenstein Increasing the capacity of Järvamaa Volunteer Center 7,400
NGO Ruumiloojad Building Capacity of Practitioners 7,500
Foundation Domus Dorpatensis Increasing Domus Dorpatensis's capacity for solving problems in the society 6,690
Federation of Estonian Student Unions E3 members stronger! 7,500
NGO Lead Establishing and developing the network of citizen associations in Narva 7,424
Estonian LGBT Association Improving the communication competence of the Estonian LGBT Association 7,500
Tallinn Child Support Centre Active Tallinn Child Support Centre! 6,132
PRAXIS Center for Policy Studies Improvement of the Availability of the Analytical Work of the Think Tank 6,750
BPW Estonia BPW Estonia – strengthening the organistion 6,975
NGO Pärnumaa Minority Nations Organization Raduga Under One Umbrella 6,290
NGO Mondo Increasing financial capacity and transparency of NGO Mondo 6,146
The Center of Excellence in School Improvement Foundation Be the change 7,500
NGO Gagarin - Creative Development and Space Time Center Creating an informal education and handicrafts center in Ida-Viru county 7,420
Sillamäe Society for Child Welfare NGO Sillamäe Society for Child Welfare - sustainable organisation 7,500
NGO Estonian Historical Ships Society Citizen initiative on historical ships to develop Estonian sea culture 6,777
Foundation Maarja Village Increasing the Capacity and Competencies of Foundation Maarja Village 7,421
NGO Pereprojekt (Family Project) Introducing canis therapy in Estonia to rehabilitate children with disabilities 7,422

The foundation works to help develop open society in Estonia and other countries

Open Estonia Foundation

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10143 Tallinn, Estonia

Phone: +372 615 5700
Email: info@oef.org.ee

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