Supported projects - 3rd and 4th open calls for proposals

Projects for promoting democratic values, incl. human rights

OrganisationProject titleGrant
Foundation for Science and Liberal Arts Domus Dorpatensis Coalition of Citizenship Education92312
Let’s Do It FoundationToolbox for Deliberative Democracy39380
e-Governance AcademyOpen Government Partnership in Estonian Local Governments86895
Estonian Sexual Health AssociationTeaching Sexual Rights as Human Rights in Schools and Promoting Related Awareness Especially among Russian Youth Community36713
Estonian-Netherlands Charity FoundationA Social Restaurant: A Place for Active Participation in Society 40000
Estonian LGBT AssociationTraining Programme for Youth Workers38490

Projects for strengthening the advocacy and watchdog role of NGOs

OrganisationProject titleGrant
Estonian-Swedish Mental Health and Suicidology InstituteImproving advocacy and policymaking capacity of the Estonian mental health and wellbeing coalition76696
Estonian Fund for NatureInvolvement of society into decisions of mineral minings86336
Estonian Human Rights CentreStrategic Litigation39974
Estonian Village Movement KodukantWake-up Call, Villages!38280
Association of Estonian Open Youth CentresGuarantee of the Association Estonian Open Youth Centers39306
NGO Estonian Chamber of Disabled People LET´S FOLLOW THE LAW! Elaborating advocacy plan for following accessibility requirements of Building act, promoting and strengthening the network for enforcement of the plan 75000

Capacity building projects

OrganisationProject titleGrant
Youth to School Foundation / Back to School initiativeImproved operational capacity and environment for the Back to School inititative6695,80
NGO Through the StargateBecoming visible through the developing communication and cooperation skills7461,00
NGO Estonian Village Movement KodukantRaising the capacity of volunteering infrastructure in Estonia7500,00
NGO SilmaringIncreasing The Capabilities of Learning Video Production7495,11
NGO Viljandimaa Health Promotion KindergartenHealth-kindergartens - locality life promotors 7438,00
NGO ÜhiseltImproving together! The improvement of MTÜ Ühiselt competency to provide better services for people with disabilities6133,76
NGÖ ÖkokrattSpecial need requires specific approach7500,00
Childrens Daycare Teachers and Parents Assotiation the SpringDeveloping the Spring Assosiation6706,78
NGO Womens Support and information Center Increasing capacity through providing DV support services in russian speaking women, raising awareness amoung russian speaking youth in Estonia6742,50
Praxis Center for Policy StudiesData visualization for think tanks and civil society organizations6117,59
NGO Estonian Urban LabActivating the residents of panel house districts7192,00
NGO PereprojektDeveloping canis therapy in Estonia to rehabilitate children with disabilities, II stage7500,00
Estonian School Students Councils UnionIntegration of Russian speaking youngsters info the work of ESCU6670,50
Network of Estonian Nonprofit OrganizationsFuture group mentorship program for NGOs6470,00
NGO A Home For Every ChildStrengthening of the organizational capacity of NGO A Home For Every Child7122,00
NGO Kuusalu Child Welfare AssociationSafe and development supportive surroundings for children- the key and possibilities of cooperation7112,00
NGO InitiativeReorganazing archives of NGOs of Narva6674,23
NGO Karu KlubiLive action role play (LARP) like a social enterprise7078,93

The foundation works to help develop open society in Estonia and other countries

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