Capacity building projects

Applicant Title of the Project Grant
1 The Good Deed Foundation Social innovation toolkit 7450
2 NGO Estonian Carers Professionalism + quality of services = well-being and managing of carers 7365
3 Estonian National Youth Council Increasing the operational capability of ENL’s members and sharing their best practices 7500
4 NGO Generaadio Community-media Start-Up by Generaadio - I phase 6705
5 NGO Ray of Light NGO Ray of Light capacity growth 6626
6 SOS Children’s Villages Association of Estonia Rising awareness of SOS Children’s Villages Association of Estonia co-workers in field of unaccompanied minors and family strengthening. 5644
7 NGO Small Footprint Smaller Footprint 7406
8 The Parent Teacher Association of Spring Day-care Here is a Spring of Childhood 5038
9 NGO Pollianna POLLIANNA – Share The Joy and Enjoy 7465
10 Estonian Fund for Nature Fix the internal communication! 7387
11 Estonian Association of Sleeping School Active Sleeping school as parents supporter and enhancer in intimate relationships 5739
12 NGO Loometaru Dialogue in the studio: involvement of volunteers with children and young people with special educational needs interested in art 6688
13 NGO Our Playgroup Happy and safe in Meie Mängurühm (Our Playgroup) – improving the operational capability and environment of a Waldorf kindergarten 5982
14 Peipsi Centre for Transboundary Cooperation Strengthening capacity of Peipsi Centre for Transboundary Cooperation 5384
15 NGO My Balance Increasing capacity through developing and communicating psychosocial services for Russian-speakers in Estonia 6643
16 NGO Network of Estonian Eco-Communities Stronger Eco-Villages in Estonia 7500
17 NGO ID Laboratory Development of “Silent Minutes” program 6260
18 Estonian Village Movement Kodukant Join the forces! 7498
19 Charity Foundation Dharma Reinforcement of capacities of Charity Foundation Dharma activities for children and supporting families 7450
20 NGO Liferun Promoting Running Culture and Network in Estonia 7500
21 Estonian Guide Association Associations’ Archives 6285
22 NGO Härjanurme Rural People´s Association We can do this together 5000
23 Estonian Debating Society Debate Media 7491
24 NGO Hellenurme Open Youth Centre Developing Hellenurme Open Youth Centre as local community "engine" 6415
25 Estonian Naturalists’ Society Estonian Naturalists’ Society Revitalization 6534
26 The Centre of Creative Development and Leisure “GAGARIN” The new steps into the future 6780
27 Estonian Association Of Local Food Organizations Local To Local - Healing Way Of Thinking 6758
28 NGO Open Republic Members involvement improvement and growth of competence of volunteers 6401
29 Praxis Centre for Policy Studies Training programme for CSOs – practical civil society foresight 7490
30 NGO Do Good MTÜ Do Good Programme of Development and Cooperation 5256
31 Non-profit organization NOOR-RUS Increasing efficacy of youth management through education of NGO NOOR-RUS members 6341
32 NGO VitaTiim Development of non-formal learning open space in Narva 7098
33 Estonian Social Enterprise Network Development program „Raising sales“ 6325
34 Tapa Child Protection Association I see and I remember, I do and I can 6700
35 Child Advocacy Chamber Child Advocacy Chamber development as national network 5955
36 NGO Healthy Lifestyle Healthy Youth 5087