• The annual DocPoint film festival will screen a documentary by Zosja Rodkevich,"My Friend Boris Nemtsov".

    More info HERE! The film will be followed by a discussion where young journalists Stanislav and Ksenia Smirnov, environmental activist and long-time friend of Nemtsov, Evgenia Chirikova take the floor. 


    Please, find a way and support the victims of Aleppo. The world is witnessing in Syria a humanitarian catastrophe of historic proportions. 

    If you want to help, HERE'S WHAT YOU CAN DO

    Make a donation and also, make sure your government knows about the demands ordinary citizens make. 

  • XXI Open Society Forum. Europe's War on Disinformation

    The former President of Estonia, Toomas Hendrik Ilves and Chatham House Associate Fellow Lilia Shevtsova discuss on how to deal with Russia's propaganda and disinformation in Europe.

  • XXI Open Society Forum - Elections in Russia

    Chatham House Assiociate Fellow Lilia Shevtsova, lawyer Lyubov Sobol, journalist Yevgeni Kiselyov and journalist/writer Arkady Babchenko focus on the upcoming federal elections in Russia. Moderator: Artemyi Troitski

  • U-Impact debate

    "The voice of the citizens in the European refugee crises - who listens to us, who represents us?"

    February 10th, 2016, Tallinn

  • XX Open Society Forum:

    "Who are all these people? Tackling the Polarisation of Democratic Societies"

    September 16, Tallinn, Estonia

  • After the end of Communism, Russians thought they could build an open society. But the impact of the Soviet state’s legacy was not easily undone, and now Russia is closing once again.

  • Open Estonia Foundation has
    stood up for open society for
    already a quarter of a century.

    In the frontline of frontiers since 1990.

  • Happy 25th anniversary, Open Estonia Foundation!

    Personal video greetings from our founder, philanthropist GEORGE SOROS.

    You will find photos of OEF 25 birthday celebrations HERE.

Hungarian Honorary Consul resigns from her post


Mrs. Mall Hellam, who has held the post of Hungarian Honorary Consul in Estonia since 1994, has voluntarily decided to resign. Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjárto and...

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