• U-Impact debate

    "The voice of the citizens in the European refugee crises - who listens to us, who represents us?"

    February 10th, 2016, Tallinn

  • XX Open Society Forum:

    "Who are all these people? Tackling the Polarisation of Democratic Societies"

    September 16, Tallinn, Estonia

  • After the end of Communism, Russians thought they could build an open society. But the impact of the Soviet state’s legacy was not easily undone, and now Russia is closing once again.

  • Open Estonia Foundation has
    stood up for open society for
    already a quarter of a century.

    In the frontline of frontiers since 1990.

  • Happy 25th anniversary, Open Estonia Foundation!

    Personal video greetings from our founder, philanthropist GEORGE SOROS.

    You will find photos of OEF 25 birthday celebrations HERE.

Russian activist Yevgeniya Chirikova visits Tartu


On Wednesday, May 18, Russian environmental activist Yevgeniya Chirikova will give a talk at the University of Tartu. The Russian-language discussion will focus on the development of political...

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