• Let's keep each other safe and protect the vulnerable groups

    Open Estonia Foundation is working remotely these days. 

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    Photo caption: The one who stayed away saved all the rest. #socialdistancing

  • 23rd Open Society Forum: Snyder, Ilves, Grabbe

    On November 8-9, we celebrated the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall - a dramatic historic event for the civil society in a global scale.

    Enjoy the brilliant talk between Prof. Timothy Snyder; former president of Estonia Toomas Hendrik Ilves and Heather Grabbe from OSEPI.

  • Estonian Opinion Festival: Youth of Europe

    The debate on the future of the EU was supported by European Commission Europe for Citizens programme. Similar debates take also place in Latvia and Lithuania. 

  • What Future for Europe?

    Organised by the Open Estonia Foundation and Estonishing Evenings, seven major Estonian candidates running for the European Parliament debated in English the future of Europe.

    Watch HERE what it was like! 

  • XXII Open Society Forum

    Watch our XXII Open Society Forum “Long Shadow of the Financial Crisis: Social Strains and Economic Recovery”  at OEF's Youtube channel.
    Thank you and see you next year!

  • New Pact for Europe

    Out now: New Pact for Europe final report shows that a win-win package deal for #EU27 is possible #ReenergiseEU27 
    Check out also on Twitter 

  • U-Impact debate

    "The voice of the citizens in the European refugee crises - who listens to us, who represents us?"

    February 10th, 2016, Tallinn

  • XX Open Society Forum:

    "Who are all these people? Tackling the Polarisation of Democratic Societies"

    September 16, Tallinn, Estonia

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