2011 EESC Civil Society Prize - call for applications!


Theme of the 2011 prize: "Dialogue and participation fostering EU values: integration, diversity, solidarity and tolerance"

The 2011 prize will reward civil society projects and initiatives serving the EU values which underpin the European integration process, and the overall objective of the prize, which have proved to be innovative in concept and application and made a valuable contribution to the well-being of their communities. Also, dialogue and participation must be the essential means through which those initiatives and projects have been achieved.

The prize, of a total value of EUR 30 000 and which will be awarded on 7 December 2011, is open to civil society organisations, at European, national, regional and local levels, established in the European Union.

The deadline for submitting applications is 7 October 2011.

Detailed information on eligibility criteria and the procedure for entries, as well as an application form, is available in all EU languages under the "How to apply ?" tab.

Further information HERE.

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