Academic Conference on Identity Shaping by the Communist Regime Brings Prominent Historians to Tallinn

On Friday June 10 acclaimed author  prof. Norman Naimark introduces his book „Stalin’s Genocides“ as part of the international conference "The Shaping of Identity and Personality under Communist Rule: History in the Service of the Totalitarian Regimes in Eastern Europe". The public session will be held at 2.30 p. m. in Nordic Hotel Forum.

Currently a professor in Stanford University, Naimark claims in his book that crimes committed during the Stalinist era are to be recognised as genocide. The public session is followed by a lecture on legal aspects in the historical treatment of Eastern European totalitarian regimes held by Lauri Mälksoo, a professor of International Law in Tartu University and Dr Agatha Fijalkowski (University of Lancaster). All those interested are welcome to take part in the session but are asked to register online

Organised by the Unitas Foundation and Estonian Institute of Historical Memory, the conference gathers historians, social scientists and leaders of civil society from Estonia, Latvia, Sweden, Romania, Slovenia, Finland, the United Kindgom. Opening remarks will be delivered by the president of the Republic of Estonia Toomas Hendrik Ilves.

The conference is funded by the Open Estonia Foundation and the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research.

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