Open Estonia Foundation joins Philea’s Philanthropy Statement of solidarity and support to the people of Ukraine.

Philea (Philanthropic Association in Europe) is an association that groups 10 000 philanthropic foundations or associations and works for increased collaboration between all of them.  Sharing data, practices, connecting foundations together are its principal aims. 

On the 24th of February 2023, one year to the day after the start of the war, they published a Statement of solidarity for the people of Ukraine, to which Open Estonia Foundation has joined.  

The Statement reassures the full support of Philea and the co-signers to the people of Ukraine and highlights that they will do anything they can to help them during this humanitarian crisis. Signers are perfectly aware that the need for support will continue after the war ends, and they commit to continuing to help Ukraine's people after the war, particularly the civil society to strengthen the aim of strengthening democracy. The statement reminds the attachment to international law, stability, and respect for the human rights, of all the signers. It also reminds the necessity of working together. 

Open Estonia Foundation stands with Ukraine with foundations from all over the world with this statement. Seven American foundations have signed the Statement, including the Global Fund for Children. European foundations from Italy, like l’Albero della Vitta, who is working for the children who are victims of the war in Ukraine, or Macecenata, a German Think tank specializing in the help of Civil Society organizations and philanthropist foundations. A Ukrainian charitable organization has also signed the Statement: The Zagoriy Foundation.  

Read more about the statement here