Open Estonia Foundation's Statement on Europe Day


The Open Estonia Foundation urges all Europeans to think today, on the Europe Day, of the fate of Ukraine and to support the will of Ukrainians to be part of a united Europe.

Today Estonia celebrates for the tenth year together with other European Union members a day that is dedicated to the unity and peace in Europe.

Sadly the events of the last months in Ukraine prove that troubled times are back in Europe. The wish of the Ukrainians for a stronger integration with European Union was followed by the painful reaction of Russia's aggressive propaganda and military intervention.

"On one hand it is worth to remember our own choices at the time and the firm wish to belong to a united Europe - foremost for the sake of security and a safe future. On the other hand we invite everyone, especially today, to be with the Ukrainian people in our thoughts, who just like ourselves aspire to belong to the safe European family but whose self determination and freedom of choice is being hindered with rigorous means," says Mall Hellam, head of Open Estonia Foundation.

"Just as in today's Ukraine, the powers who were mourning the Soviet Union were trying to suppress our strive for independence and slander our state as nazist. Ukraine is Europe," says Hellam.

Open Estonia Foundation urges everyone who values freedom to think what you as a person or as an organization can do to support Ukrainian democracy and to show your solidarity. One opportunity is to make a donation today on www.supportukraine.ee that collects funds for the families of the people who were killed in the protests in Ukraine.

The foundation works to help develop open society in Estonia and other countries