The joint project between the Open Estonia Foundation and the independent Belarusian media portal Charter' has concluded

For years, the Open Estonia Foundation has supported the development of free and independent media both in Russia and Belarus. We have collaborated repeatedly with the independent Belarusian media portal Charter', which has been operating in exile in Warsaw for years due to persecution by the Lukashenko regime. Given the changing circumstances and the ongoing need for support and advancements for the portal, we, in collaboration with the editorial team of Charter', initiated a new project. Participants gained new knowledge on cybersecurity, media portal management, advertising, and combating information warfare from leading Estonian experts. Additionally, meetings were held with the European Commission's representation in Estonia and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

"Belarus can be considered one of the most unfriendly countries alongside Russia when it comes to free media and freedom of speech," highlighted Mall Hellam, the director of the Open Estonia Foundation. "The Lukashenko regime has systematically destroyed independent media in the country, and for some time now, there has been no independent television or radio station, and practically all newspapers have been closed. The Open Estonia Foundation is extremely pleased that we have had the ongoing opportunity to support Charter' news portal to defend against cyberattacks and help ensure the portal's operational continuity and sustainability."

During the study visit in Tallinn, the editor-in-chief of the news portal, Natallia Radzina, gave interviews about the situation in Belarus to the Russian-language Postimees and the morning program Kofe+ on ETV+.

The project was funded by the European Union.