Transborder corruption between Russia and EU countries feeds totalitarianism


The transborder corruption between Russia and countries of the European Union feeds directly the vitality of the totalitarian regime in Russia, say the authors of reports on the movement of Russian “black money”.

In their two reports about the movement of Russian “black money” within the European Union and transborder corruption the authors, experts of the European Union – Russia Civil Society Forum, explain the notion and extent of transborder corruption and give an overview of deals between big Russian companies and their European Union partners, businessmen and politicians. The head of the research group Andrey Kalikh pointed out at the presentation that the aim of the report is not to cast a shadow over all cross border financial deals or to undermine economic relations between countries.

The reports focus on two companies – the connections of Gazprom, the developer of Nordstream gas pipeline, with the EU governments and the similar activities of Transmashholding, a producer of railroad equipment. “Within the last few decades a number of murky business projects have been launched in Russia with the involvement of European Union countries. It turns out that quite a few European businessmen are making a lot of easy money while Russia can launder the money in Europe,” said Kalikh.

“The transborder corruption has led to the collapse of independent judiciary and other democratic institutions and strengthened the totalitarian regime in Russia. If you ask me what to do to support democratic reforms in Russia, then the answer is simple – demand your own countries to join the battle against transborder corruption. The investigative organizations, political will and media - all have a role to play here,” Kalikh added.

Open Estonia Foundation presented the reports in cooperation with the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum, the Transparency International Estonia and the Representation of the European Commission in Estonia.

Both reports can be downloaded here:

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