What do we do?

2016-2018 Open Estonia Foundation will focus on two key questions of democracy: on one hand governance and on the other hand all processes that take place outside of the administrative system. Open and transparent governance and social cohesion. How to resist informal power networks, secrecy of decision-making in the quiet back offices that is easy to establish itself in a small country? How to achieve that fundamental rights are granted without the whip of the law and that different groups in the society are not split by a dangerous gap of ignorance.

2016-2018 OEF will focus on transparent and accountable governance and society, a greater role of people in shaping policies, advancement of social cohesion and discussion while enhancing the commitment of everyone to the values of democracy.

These topics are divided into four portfolios that include research, discussions, training, networking, consulting, exchange of experiences, information, advocacy and connecting people. In addition we support initiatives by other independent organisations that are consistent with our aims.

The foundation works to help develop open society in Estonia and other countries